• Are You Ready to Run? Direct Mail Edition

    Picture of ducks in a diagonal line
    Posted on Mar 07, 2019 by Sophie Thurber

    Getting Your Political Direct Mail Ducks in a Row

    This post is about planning ahead for the launch a direct mail program (if you’re not there yet, but you’re thinking about becoming a candidate, do we have a blog post for you! ). If you’ve already decided to run, one of the next big things you should be thinking about is how you’re going to communicate with your target audience to get to your win number. Often, that means planning a direct mail program (“But political…
  • Voter Contact Tactics for a Winning Political Campaign

    Neon green sticky notes with words, "yes" and "no" on them to symbolize the importance of prioritizing when running a political campaign
    Posted on Mar 04, 2019 by Elena Veatch

    Which Tactics Belong in Your Political Campaign Budget?

    You’ve decided you’re ready to run for office and now it’s time to budget for a winning political campaign—where to begin? While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to crafting a winning campaign strategy, there are a couple rules of thumb when it comes to building a budget with communications tactics that will set you up for election night elation (and of course, some broad fundamentals to keep in mind for…
  • Content Marketing is a Team Sport

    Diverse group of individuals working together to improve their content marketing efforts
    Posted on Feb 28, 2019 by Hope Rohrbach

    How Small Teams Can Leverage Content Marketing to Reach Their Business Goals

    Five years ago, we started The Campaign Workshop blog to share our knowledge with an online community of advocates, nonprofits, labor unions, staffers, campaign operatives, political candidates, and progressive groups and organizations. Today, we have over 650 blog subscribers and 20,000 monthly unique page views to our website, which has far exceeded our expectations. Now, this blog isn’t to tout how much of a hit our blog has been (although we do recommend that you…
  • Coalition Mapping: Understanding Your Coalition Landscape

    Coalition mapping: a picture of scrunched up pieces of paper and one yellow ball is depicted like a bright light bulb
    Posted on Feb 25, 2019 by Martín Diego Garcia

    How to use Coalition Mapping to Understand Who You Have and Who You Need.

    When should I start building my coalition? In short, yesterday. but to find your way coalition mapping will help. But in all seriousness, coalition mapping and building should be continually happening within your group or organization as a way to keep fostering relationships, increasing resources, and building power. This way when it is time to organize and mobilize your coalition to action you won’t have to get ready because you’ll already have assembled a group of…
  • Types of Ads for Digital Advocacy Campaigns

    iPhone surrounded by holi colored bowls to symbolize choices.
    Posted on Feb 21, 2019 by Lizzie Kendrick

    How to Find the Right Ads for Your Digital Advocacy Campaign

    There are so many different types of ads that it can feel overwhelming to choose which ones to use for your digital advocacy campaign. You can certainly use all of them, but there are some that are likely better suited to your campaign than others, depending on your goals. Static Ads Static ads build scale because there is so much inventory available for them. These are ads that don’t move and are seen across mobile and desktop on almost every website. The key for static ads is to…
  • Designing Your Next Protest Sign

    Examples of protest signs.
    Posted on Feb 19, 2019 by Tracy Wood

    Create a Protest Sign That Will Stand out in a Crowd.

    It’s been 2 turbulent years since the Trump administration took office and people continue to voice their frustration by carrying protest signs at marches. Grassroots movements are popping up everywhere. Individuals influencing action is what will move our nation forward. Even a scrawled cardboard sign can make an impact. So, when you’re looking to make an impact with a protest sign, don’t forget that your design is just as important as your message. Legibility, layout and contrast are key…
  • CPA Campaign Options for Digital Advocacy

    Picture of an online petition button in green.
    Posted on Feb 18, 2019 by Shelley Rees

    What CPA Campaign Options Work Best for Advocacy Campaigns?

    One of the best ways to get a legislator’s attention or grow support for your advocacy organization is through a CPA campaign. CPA stands for cost per acquisition, which means that the campaign is priced out based on the cost for each signature you acquire, usually via a petition campaign. Advocacy organizations often use petitions to show widespread support for a specific issue or to grow their membership and action taker base. The most common and traditional way to run a CPA campaign…
  • 7 Steps to Creating a Community Advocacy Campaign

    LGBTQ pride parade. Picture of a hand holding a pride flag in front of a group of marchers holding hearts.
    Posted on Feb 14, 2019 by Claire Regan

    Thinking of Starting a Community Advocacy Campaign But Don’t Know Where to Begin? Follow These Simple Steps.

    Launching a community advocacy campaign can seem intimidating – where would you begin? There are countless campaign tools available to you, but they don’t mean anything if you don’t know what to do with them. In this blog post, we’ll break down how to start a community advocacy campaign into simple, digestible steps, using the example of someone…
  • Grassroots Advocacy Basics: Coffee with Your Legislator

    Two latte cups on blue plates sitting on a wooden table.
    Posted on Feb 11, 2019 by Ben Holse

    How do you leverage grassroots advocacy? Start with a cup of coffee.

    Grassroots advocacy and one-on-one conversations are highly effective parts of your advocacy toolbox. Even in the modern world of advocacy with all of the gadgets and technology at your disposal, personal relationships really do still matter. Too often, advocates tend to think that the only way to win on their issue is with multi-layered advocacy programs. They think that they need…
  • Advocacy Mail: Getting the Most out of Letter Packages, Part II

    Dog sitting at the front door with the door open and mail in his mouth.
    Posted on Feb 07, 2019 by Sophie Thurber

    Advocacy Mail: List Building with Reply Devices

    Advocacy mail  does not always get the credit it deserves. Part I of this post takes you through the basics of putting together a letter package for your advocacy mail campaign. Part II walks you through making the most of a letter package that includes a reply device (buckle up!). Assuming that you’ve formulated your…
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