• 7 Questions with Brad Traverse to Aid Your Political Job Search

    young woman looking at a newspaper circling job opportunities for her political job search
    Posted on Mar 27, 2019 by Elena Veatch

    Your Political Job Search Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

    If you’ve ever endured a political job search, chances are, your journey brought you to Brad Traverse Jobs. Whether you’re a recent college graduate or a seasoned political practitioner, finding a job in government or politics can be frustrating and intimidating (to say the least). Luckily, sites like Brad Traverse Jobs make the process easier by compiling relevant job listings in one place. With more than 30 years of experience in government…
  • 9 Campaign Plan Tips

    two people at the top of a mountain with their hands up in excitement for their success
    Posted on Mar 25, 2019 by Hope Rohrbach

    This Year, Kick Ass! 9 Campaign Plan Tips To Give You The Best Chance of Winning

    If you’re running for office, you’re going to need a campaign plan. Your campaign plan should outline the challenges and opportunities you anticipate facing over the course of the election cycle as well as your priorities and goals. With these 9 campaign plan tips, you will give yourself the best chance of winning your race: 1. Have a campaign plan that outlines specific goals: Give yourself a pat on the back if you’ve already outlined your campaign…
  • Digital Political Campaign Ads

    manny white piggy banks on a green backdrop
    Posted on Mar 21, 2019 by Shelley Rees

    Are You Ready to Run Your Digital Political Campaign?

    If you’re thinking about running for office, you’ll want to put together a plan for your digital political campaign ads. Digital ads tend to be more cost-effective than TV, so you can reach a wider audience with a smaller budget. Your budget and your target audience, as well as the size of your race, will all play a role in the ads you should run and what platforms to run them on. Read on to find out more about common ad types to see what will work best for your campaign.    Social Media…
  • Running for Office? Tackle These 5 Digital Tasks First

    Laptop on a desk in front of a backdrop of water and tress
    Posted on Mar 18, 2019 by Lizzie Kendrick

    Make Sure You Are Running for Office the Right Way Getting Your Digital Game is On Point.

    So you’ve decided you’re running for office. What are your first steps? Maybe calling friends and family to let them know the news? Starting to ask for donations for your campaign? Hiring a campaign manager? It’s possible you haven’t yet thought about some key digital items that will make your big announcement a big success.   Website You can’t run for office without a website, full stop. Your campaign website should be mobile-friendly and feature your…
  • Best Practices for Your Campaign Twitter Account

    woman in a chair on her phone looking at her campaign Twitter account
    Posted on Mar 14, 2019 by Ben Holse

    How to Leverage Your Campaign Twitter Account for Candidates

    Your campaign Twitter account is a free and easy way to engage with supporters online. As a candidate, you’re going to get a lot of advice on how you should run your campaign and engage with voters. Some of this advice will be solicited, some of it, not so much. But one of the top political campaign tips we give candidates is making sure they embrace social media, namely Twitter. Twitter is a great way to…
  • Facebook Campaign Strategy for Political Candidates

    Three puzzle pieces being put together
    Posted on Mar 11, 2019 by Claire Regan

    How to Establish a Winning Facebook Campaign Strategy

    When you’re getting ready to run, one of the first things to think about is establishing a Facebook campaign strategy. No matter what level of office you are running for, Facebook is one of the most powerful communications tools modern-day political campaigns have. This can be where you announce your candidacy online, and how you update and communicate with supporters throughout your campaign. And while the…
  • Are You Ready to Run? Direct Mail Edition

    Picture of ducks in a diagonal line
    Posted on Mar 07, 2019 by Sophie Thurber

    Getting Your Political Direct Mail Ducks in a Row

    This post is about planning ahead for the launch a direct mail program (if you’re not there yet, but you’re thinking about becoming a candidate, do we have a blog post for you! ). If you’ve already decided to run, one of the next big things you should be thinking about is how you’re going to communicate with your target audience to get to your win number. Often, that means planning a direct mail program (“But political…
  • Voter Contact Tactics for a Winning Political Campaign

    Neon green sticky notes with words, "yes" and "no" on them to symbolize the importance of prioritizing when running a political campaign
    Posted on Mar 04, 2019 by Elena Veatch

    Which Tactics Belong in Your Political Campaign Budget?

    You’ve decided you’re ready to run for office and now it’s time to budget for a winning political campaign—where to begin? While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to crafting a winning campaign strategy, there are a couple rules of thumb when it comes to building a budget with communications tactics that will set you up for election night elation (and of course, some broad fundamentals to keep in mind for…
  • Content Marketing is a Team Sport

    Diverse group of individuals working together to improve their content marketing efforts
    Posted on Feb 28, 2019 by Hope Rohrbach

    How Small Teams Can Leverage Content Marketing to Reach Their Business Goals

    Five years ago, we started The Campaign Workshop blog to share our knowledge with an online community of advocates, nonprofits, labor unions, staffers, campaign operatives, political candidates, and progressive groups and organizations. Today, we have over 650 blog subscribers and 20,000 monthly unique page views to our website, which has far exceeded our expectations. Now, this blog isn’t to tout how much of a hit our blog has been (although we do recommend that you…
  • Coalition Mapping: Understanding Your Coalition Landscape

    Coalition mapping: a picture of scrunched up pieces of paper and one yellow ball is depicted like a bright light bulb
    Posted on Feb 25, 2019 by Martín Diego Garcia

    How to use Coalition Mapping to Understand Who You Have and Who You Need.

    When should I start building my coalition? In short, yesterday. but to find your way coalition mapping will help. But in all seriousness, coalition mapping and building should be continually happening within your group or organization as a way to keep fostering relationships, increasing resources, and building power. This way when it is time to organize and mobilize your coalition to action you won’t have to get ready because you’ll already have assembled a group of…
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