• GOTV: Why You Need to Reduce Voter Roll-Off !

    Reducing voter roll-off can help you win your race. Stand out like this star!
    Posted on Oct 22, 2018 by Joe Fuld

    Reducing voter roll-off will make the difference for your GOTV campaign strategy

    In the world of politics, there is an array of confusing and random terms that folks use to describe trends. Voter roll-off is one of them. It is a term that is very important for down-ballot races to understand and fight against. More importantly, voter roll-off can make a difference for your GOTV campaign strategy. Find out how!   What is voter roll-off? Voter roll-off happens…
  • How can campaigns call cell phones for GOTV?

    A picture of hanging red telephones for GOTV
    Posted on Oct 18, 2018 by Joe Fuld

    Marty Stone answers 7 questions on calling cell phones for GOTV

    For the longest time you could not call cell phones in an efficient way but now Stones Phones has some exciting new technology to make it easier to call cell phones using volunteers or paid phone banks. We asked Marty Stone 7 questions on calling cell phones for GOTV. He answered our questions here: How can campaigns call cell phones for GOTV? Campaigns and causes can call cell phones with either operators or their own volunteers. On the volunteer side,  we have developed a new…
  • Why you need a digital GOTV plan

    A suburban community of colorful houses.
    Posted on Oct 15, 2018 by Lizzie Kendrick

    A Good Digital GOTV Plan is a Must for Today’s Campaigns

    A good digital GOTV plan, is not your father’s get out the vote effort. It used to be that GOTV was driven by walk lists, yard signs, door hangers, coffee and doughnuts. But as folks start to focus more on digital GOTV, having an actual plan to push turnout digitally is a must in our interconnected world. You still need the doughnuts and door hangers, but digital will add a layer of outreach that you did not have before. How does digital GOTV work? Digital GOTV works very…
  • 7 GOTV Questions with Pandora

    Sponsored listening process for 7 GOTV questions with Pandora
    Posted on Oct 11, 2018 by Shelley Rees

    How you should incorporate Pandora digital radio into your GOTV strategy

    As Election Day approaches, it's important to get to work on your GOTV strategy. This week, we interviewed some folks from Pandora Radio - a music streaming service - about how political campaigns can integrate digital radio to improve their 'get out the vote' strategies.  Why Should Campaigns Use Pandora as a part of Their GOTV Strategy? With the explosive growth in audio streaming (IE Music, Podcasts, etc) Pandora remains the #1 music platform with an average of 24 hours…
  • What makes a winning digital ad campaign?

    Two people looking at phones to plan their winning digital ad campaign.
    Posted on Oct 04, 2018 by Lizzie Kendrick

    Plan for a winning digital ad campaign

    Looking for a winning digital ad campaign? These days every campaign has some kind of digital ad component to it, but how does that result in electoral outcomes? Results vary and really depend on what kind of campaign you’re running. Here are some clear steps to develop a winning digital ad campaign. Strategy first Understanding your overall campaign strategy and the role digital plays within that strategy is important. Having a priority about who your campaign needs to reach and what you are trying to do…
  • Designing for Authenticity

    Four progressive minority candidates and their creative.
    Posted on Oct 01, 2018 by

    How Four Progressive Minority Candidates Go Bold to Energize Their Campaigns

    A decade after Obama’s historic rise and win broke convention by galvanizing millions of disaffected voters to believe “Yes, We Can,” and raised the bar on political branding to new heights, not many candidates, from high-profile to local, have dared to progress beyond that level of craft. Most candidates prefer the trite-and-true approach where their personality tends to take a backseat to a candidate’s level of patriotism in a splashy array of color and stale stars…
  • Nonprofit website migrations should not kill your SEO

    nonprofit website traffic
    Posted on Sep 27, 2018 by Hope Rohrbach

    For SEO sake, think twice before you migrate your nonprofit website...

    When you launch a new campaign, advocacy or nonprofit website make sure you're ready to put in the work. The actual process of transferring the website is not the backbreaking work, it's the diagnostic tests and reports you'll need to run to test your site's functionality.  A website migration is an investment. In order to tap into new features of your site such as landing pages that load at the speed of light or improved SEO optimization, you'll need to set aside the time…
  • When it comes to digital political targeting, think beyond cookies

    Digital political targeting: think beyond cookies
    Posted on Sep 24, 2018 by Lizzie Kendrick

    Digital Political Targeting: If you give a campaign a cookie...

    Digital political targeting can be tricky to navigate, but when done right, it can make digital ads work effectively and efficiently. A few years ago, political cookies were the big buzz in the political campaign world, but with overblown expectations and lower match rates, many campaigns felt they didn’t get the value they expected from them. Traditional political cookies are not the only way to target voters and can me limiting when you are trying to reach a universe of likely…
  • Top Campaign Voter File Tips

    Top Campaign Voter File Tips
    Posted on Sep 20, 2018 by Ben Holse

    Don't just take the campaign voter file at face value 

    On any campaign, having access to good political data is important. For good reason, the trend on most modern political campaigns has been to be data driven. But there are many pitfalls to avoid when using data and a lot of ways that political data can go wrong. So it’s important that there’s always a human on the other end of that data asking questions and using reason instead of just taking the data at its face value. Below are a few top tips on how to successfully use political campaign…
  • Tips for winning a runoff election

    Tips for winning a runoff election
    Posted on Sep 17, 2018 by Ben Holse

    Win Your Runoff Election with our Tips

    After a hard-fought election, your campaign made it into the runoff election. Depending on election law, these runoff elections could be held weeks or months after the original election. You know the type of voter who turns out for a runoff is unique from other types of voters, so how do you effectively communicate your message and make sure you win in the runoff election? Regardless of if you were the top vote getter or came in second place, below are a few tips on winning your runoff election: Target…
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