• Coronavirus Digital Trends and Media Consumption Insights

    Woman with medical mask on looking at phone and laptop
    Posted on Apr 20, 2020 by Sophie Thurber

    Understanding Coronavirus Digital Trends and Adapting Your Program for the New Normal

    In the last few weeks, a lot has changed in our world, and we’ve gotten numerous requests for more information about coronavirus digital trends and changes in media consumption in general. Never one to stand between people and what they want, I’ve pulled together a list of some of the things we’re seeing in our work, and from partners and clients. Understanding the current digital landscape is an important piece of the puzzle as we try to navigate member…
  • When to Hire a Digital Campaign Firm

    People sitting around table with notebooks, graphs, and computers
    Posted on Apr 16, 2020 by Claire Regan

    Should I Run My Digital Campaign In-House or Hire a Firm?

    Whether you are working on a political or advocacy campaign, a digital campaign will likely be a major part of your communications budget. If executed well, digital—from organic social media posts to programmatic advertising—gives you the ability to communicate with voters that you never could otherwise reach, and to hyper-target ads to specific lists or segments of voters.…
  • 7 Questions on Political Polling in a Pandemic or Crisis with Alan Secrest

    Animation of three people with data on screens and posters, "vote" sign, candidate photos
    Posted on Apr 15, 2020 by Heidi Job

    Political Campaigns and Coronavirus: Now May Be a Good Time for Political Polling

    Alan Secrest has been polling for 35 years and reached out with some insights into political polling during a crisis:   1. Why is live-call political polling beneficial at this moment in time? Political polling is an invaluable part of any campaign strategy at any time. One of the benefits of having conducted live-call polls for over thirty years is the opportunity to…
  • Writing a Winning Campaign Plan

    Man writing on whiteboard
    Posted on Apr 13, 2020 by Elena Veatch

    A Campaign Plan Is Your Roadmap to Success

    A written campaign plan is the key to winning your race. Every campaign comes with unknown variables, but the more you plan, the better prepared you’ll be to roll with the punches. Remember, Alex Honnold didn’t free solo Yosemite’s El Capitan by winging it—he planned his unroped climbing route meticulously and trained diligently to execute the most impressive athletic feat of our…
  • Questions to Ask Before Firing Your Political Consultant

    Woman upset with head in hands
    Posted on Apr 09, 2020 by Ben Holse

    Is It the Right Time to Fire My Political Consultant? 

    Many experienced campaign managers or operatives can recall a bad experience with a political consultant. Perhaps the consultant didn’t deliver what they promised, they were unresponsive, or they didn’t hit deadlines. Depending on how far out you are from Election Day, this can lead to some tough decisions.  Maybe you’re the candidate and you’re 100 days out from your election. Your campaign is behind in the polls, not getting press attention, and you don’t have as much money in the bank as…
  • Campaign Fundraising Fundamentals Win Political Campaigns

    Stacks of coins in dirt with plants growing out of them
    Posted on Apr 06, 2020 by Joe Fuld

    Step Up Your Political Campaign Fundraising for the Win

    Here are some core steps to jump-start your campaign fundraising. But first, let’s be clear that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for campaign fundraising. Fundraising is hard, and even though it is the backbone of any political campaign, it is not easy to do (for a detailed breakdown of what to think about before you run, read our eBook here). Even the best campaigns make fundraising mistakes…
  • Issue Advocacy Campaign Guide

    Overhead view of crowd marching in street
    Posted on Apr 02, 2020 by Joe Fuld

    Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Issue Advocacy Campaign

    Issue advocacy campaigns start with the best intentions. We begin with a coalition that cares about our issue and wants to make a real difference. But without a bit of strategic planning and issue campaign know-how, you will fall off track.  What is issue advocacy?  For starters, issue advocacy is when a group or organization advocates for a specific issue or policy.  This is different than electoral advocacy which will have the magic words “vote for” and “vote against”.  Why is…
  • What Are the Best Demand Side Platforms for Your Campaign?

    Woman looking at graphs on a computer monitor and laptop
    Posted on Mar 30, 2020 by Shelley Rees

    Choosing the Best Demand Side Platforms

    What are the best demand side platforms for advocacy or political campaigns? That depends on what your needs for digital campaigns are.  How much staff capacity do you have?  What are the budgets you’re looking to spend?  Most vendors now also give you the option to have a dedicated member of their staff manage your campaign or will give you the keys to their demand side platform to manage your campaign yourself. How do you decide which demand side platform to pick and which method to use? What Is a…
  • Do Awards Matter When You're Hiring a Political Consultant?

    Person holding up gold trophy
    Posted on Mar 26, 2020 by Martín Diego Garcia

    Some Quick Information on Political Consultant Awards.  

    Lookin for an award winning political consultant? If you’re reading this post, you may have just found out political consultant awards like the Pollies, Reeds, Goldies and, more specifically, political ad awards actually exist. So, now you might be asking yourself if it even matters whether consultants you might be hiring have won awards for the work they’ve produced.  What political consultant awards are there? Let’s first dive into what the awards are. These types of awards are given…
  • Navigating Political Campaigns and Coronavirus

    Globe with red lasers marking spread of pandemic
    Posted on Mar 24, 2020 by Joe Fuld

    Political Campaigns and Coronavirus. How To Manage Both.

    Political campaigns and Coronavirus - It's a tough time for the world and political campaigns, Covid-19 is changing political campaigns. From field tactics, to fundraising to how campaigns buy media this crisis will have a long term impact on electoral politics.  We've written this guide to help you manage your political campaigns response to Covid-19. Coronavirus is impacting large and small political campaigns. Political campaigns and groups have stopped door-to-door canvassing, in-…
  • Getting Started with Campaign Mailers

    Red mail box with letters in front of it
    Posted on Mar 23, 2020 by Sophie Thurber

    A Holistic Approach to Campaign Mailers

    The world of campaign mailers is varied and complex, but don’t let that stop you from sending rad mail that gets you noticed. We’ve pulled together some things for you to think about as you start to pin down exactly how your campaign’s mail program is going to take shape. Six Questions to Ask Before You Send Campaign Mailers Before you create and send campaign mailers, ask these five questions to lay the groundwork for a winning direct mail campaign. 1. Do you need a direct mail consultant? For mid-size…
  • Campaign Call Time: The Key to Successful Campaign Fundraising

    Phones hanging from their cords, one orange one stands out
    Posted on Mar 19, 2020 by Claire Regan

    Using Call Time to Become a Campaign Fundraising Champion

    Let’s face it, campaign fundraising is hard, and call time is often the most dreaded part of it. No candidate wants to press pause on the many other duties of their campaign to dial for dollars. Every candidate will say the same thing: “I just hate asking people for money!” But whether you’re running for town supervisor or president, call time is a critical part of campaign fundraising efforts—and therefore, a critical part of every campaign. In this blog, we will provide you with some…
  • Voter File Guide for Democratic Direct Mail Programs

    Mailbox with digital pixels coming out of it
    Posted on Mar 16, 2020 by Elena Veatch

    Be Data Savvy with Your Democratic Direct Mail

    Good data makes all the difference in building an effective Democratic direct mail program. Understanding your voter file access options is critical to laying the groundwork for a strategically targeted voter communications campaign. What’s more, knowing the ins and outs of voter file models and other data points will help you maximize your resources—after all, you can’t afford to target every voter in your…
  • How to Write a Campaign Mailer for a Judicial Campaign

    Judge's gavel on top of envelopes
    Posted on Mar 12, 2020 by Ben Holse

    Avoiding Recusal Issues in Your Campaign Mailer

    Writing a campaign mailer for a judicial candidate presents its own set of challenges. For most legislative races, it’s easy to say that you’ll “stand up for affordable healthcare” or “fight for a living wage.” But judicial candidates often can’t come out for or against a particular issue. If they do, they may have to recuse themselves in the event that they win and one of those cases comes before them as judge. So, if you can’t say you’ll be for or against something, how do you develop a contrast…
  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Political Campaign Ads

    Woman smiling at phone in front of colorful background
    Posted on Mar 09, 2020 by The Campaign Workshop

    Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck on Your Political Campaign Ads

    Political campaign ads are part of every election cycle and we’re rounding up some tips on how to get the most for your campaign. In this post, we’re focusing on digital ads. Digital ads tend to be more cost-effective than TV, so you can reach a wider audience with a smaller budget. Where you run your ads and on what platforms is determined by your budget, target audience and the size of your race. Social Media Social media ads are a must for any digital…