Digital Political Advertising for 2024 and Beyond

by Julie Watson (She/Her)

Digital Political Advertising

Digital Political Advertising Plans are a Must for 2024

As we move into the heart of the 2024 election cycle, more people will be dedicating time and resources to creating digital political advertising plans. The Campaign Workshop has been actively involved in digital political ads since our founding in 2009, and each year we've seen a growing emphasis on the importance and effectiveness of digital political advertising. 

Why spend money on digital political advertising now?
Digital political advertising has become an influential means to reach and sway voters, especially as more people consume media online. By targeting specific groups based on their interests, demographics, and location, digital ads have proven to be more efficient and cost-effective than traditional media. These ads can be used to mobilize supporters, counter misinformation, and encourage people to vote. It is estimated that political ad revenue will reach $16 billion in 2024, with digital channels accounting for nearly 15% of this amount, making it a significant and growing segment of overall political advertising.

Is social media enough of a digital presence?
Social media is an important part of your digital presence, but it is not enough by itself. The selection of which social media platforms to use should be based on your campaign goals, target audience, and budget. The most popular platforms for digital political advertising are Facebook and Instagram because of their large user base and because they allow for direct communication and feedback from voters.  Depending on your campaign strategy and message, you might also consider YouTube, LinkedIn, or Reddit among others. However, it is important to pair any social media advertising with other forms of digital political advertising such as programmatic ads, search ads, and email as part of a well-planned digital strategy to achieve maximum impact.  

What does digital take the place of?
Digital ads do not replace traditional media such as TV, radio, and print, but rather work alongside them to reinforce and strengthen your message. Digital ads can boost and reinforce your campaign on various channels, help you reach new and specific audiences, and monitor and enhance your campaign's effectiveness. By utilizing targeted digital ads, you can create more personalized content that will resonate better with your specific audience.

How do I budget for it?
When budgeting for digital political advertising, you must consider several factors such as your campaign goals, target audience, geographic reach, and competitive environment. Additionally, you need to assess the cost and effectiveness of different digital platforms and ad formats, as well as the timing and frequency of your ads. As a general guideline, allocate at least 10% to 20% of your total media budget to digital advertising, but this may vary based on your campaign requirements and available resources. Planning early and creating a unique strategy that fits your campaign objectives is the key.

When should I start?
The sooner you start your digital political advertising, the better. This will help you create awareness, build credibility, and trust with voters, and gather valuable data and insights that can inform your strategy and tactics. You should also plan ahead and adjust your digital ad spending according to the different phases of your campaign cycle, such as primaries, early voting, and Election Day. It's important to monitor and respond to changes in the political and social environment, as well as your opponents' actions. You should also have a plan in place to monitor comments on social media before beginning any social media campaign.

In the upcoming 2024 election, having a strategic digital program is essential for a successful campaign. Choosing to spend a small amount on digital ads spread over several months and hoping it will gain traction is not enough. It's important to create a real digital strategy and campaign plan as it will have a significant impact on your campaign’s success. 

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