Political Digital Ad Buying Made Easy Webinar

Political Digital Ad Buying Made Easy-

Political digital ad buying can be complicated to understand. Wether you are running an advocacy organization, member organization political organization, or political campaign, how you buy digital advertising for politics can have real impact on your strategy and your bottom line.

 This webinar covers a wide variety of political digital ad buying including:  

  • Cost Per Acquisition campaigns (CPA) 
  • Cost Per click Campaign (CPC). 
  • Cost Per thousand impressions (CPM),
  • Network ad buys 
  • Premium ad buys
  • Programmatic buys

Gain greater insight on what digital advertising can and can't do for you.  We held our second webinar in the Digital Advocacy Webinar Series about political digital ad buying. Enjoy the full recording of the webinar. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have with political digital ad buying at info@thecampaignworkshop.com.